Benton-Franklin Council of Governments

Going from 2001 to 2015

Serving Benton and Franklin counties in Washington state, the Benton-Franklin Council of Governments (BFCOG) links the communities it serves by providing metropolitan and transportation planning, as well as economic development opportunities in the communities it serves. When they approached me in December of 2014, they were in dire need of website modernization.

Benton-Franklin Council of Governments - Original Website

New Branding, New Website

To start, we decided to modernize their logo. There's a well-known landmark in the Tri-Cities area that serves the community in much the same way that BFCOG does; the Cable Bridge spans the Columbia River, linking Benton and Franklin Counties. It serves as a vital transportation hub in the region, and was therefore the perfect candidate for their new logo. The logo is designed to elicit an official, governmental feel using an institutional blue that carries throughout their new web presence. The bridge has been rendered as a vector; designed to look great at any size.

The staff of Benton-Franklin Council of Governments proved to be instrumental in bringing their new website to fruition; they took all of the pictures that adorn their new site. The entire site was custom-built to support their content, and add-ons were configured to give it the features they required. From translation into any language to public notifications and announcements, BFCOG's new web presence should serve them well for many years to come.