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New Web Presence for an IT Consultant

Travis Conway is an IT consultant based in Baltimore, MD. In addition to the standard range of IT services, he specializes in setting up private, cloud-based Mumble servers. Mumble is a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) client which enables dozens of users to communicate with each other at once. Yellowhammer Technology Solutions provides access to a bevy of servers world-wide, using a unique configuration that ensures superior performance for his growing client-base.

Yellowhammer Technology Solutions - Website by Kel Krehbiel

Mr. Conway hails from Alabama, and his affinity for his home state comes through in the symbol he chose for his IT services consultancy. The yellowhammer is a bird native to the South; possessing a strikingly unique appearance that no doubt played a role in its designation as Alabama's state bird.

To create his new logo, I first scoured the Internet for as many pictures of the specimen as I could find. From these, I created a unique, vector-based iteration of a yellowhammer bird, and incorporated it into a salient logo design. Once finished, the logo served to inform the design of the template used for the website; specifying the overall color scheme which then flowed into the various images and assets used to complete it.