Two Decades of Learning and Development

Hi there. I'm Kel Krehbiel! Since 2001, my career has centered on creating creative and innovative ways for people to learn the things they need to know in order to do effective work.

Kel Krehbiel smiling in a selfie.


  • Instructional Design

    I work to translate SME-speak into audience-speak using engaging, metric-driven eLearning solutions.

  • Learning Metrics

    I am constantly learning more about xAPI and applied learning metrics. Playing in this area has been fun!

  • Web/Graphic Design

    I have produced high-quality web experiences for public and private sector clients nationwide.

Skills Overview

  • eLearning Changing behavior in unexpected and innovative ways.
  • Design Making compelling and engaging end products.
  • Metrics Sending, receiving, and using statements.
  • Coding Admittedly, I can read it better than I write it.
  • Humor Finding ways to tastefully inject fun into all that I do.

I have been working as a training professional in one manner or another for the better part of two decades. Over this time, I have built a skill set that combines technical savvy with applied creativity to create truly memorable and engaging eLearning experiences. My role has always been to advocate for the learner, constantly respecting the SME while keeping in mind that they are seldom the intended audience. This has resulted in a series of quality learning experiences that have netted tangibly beneficial results.


Please find me in the wild to see what I'm up to right now: